Staff Indicators

Staff health and wellbeing is a crucial aspect of organisational management and company culture, yet few tools capable of monitoring these currently exist. 

These tools allow users, ideally team leaders or managers, to check in on their staff using established tools. Here, users can:

  • Monitor staff health and wellbeing before and after projects
  • Create a staff feedback questionnaire

Staff Health and Wellbeing

The Health & Wellbeing model used within the CQI Toolkit is an adaptation the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS).  The tool is used before and after projects to quantify service improvements relating to Health & Wellbeing, such as those in primary care.

Staff Feedback

Staff feedback plays a vital role in any improvement project, after all was the project really worth the while if it has a negative effect on Staff feedback?

The Staff Feedback tool allows users to record anonymised evaluation forms before and after service improvement projects and log them on your organisation’s CQI Toolkit system for team-viewing.